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Photography News
Issue 32

There are three major annual Photographic Competitions open to Club members, each being assessed by external judges.

1. The Pardoe Cup for Human Portraiture

The Pardoe Cup is awarded annually in memory of Richard Pardoe, an exceptional monochrome photographer and member of the Club for many years. First awarded in 1989, this was originally a print only competition, but was changed to DPI only following a recommendation made by the Committee and confirmed at the AGM held on 21 April 2015. DPIs can be entered in either monochrome or colour.

2. The Bob Petherick Memorial Trophy for Monochrome Prints

The Bob Petherick Memorial Trophy is awarded annually in memory of Robert Petherick, Chairman of the Club for many years and another exceptional monochrome photographer and prolific image maker. The trophy was given to the Club by Bob’s family following his death in 2004.

3. The Master Photographer of the Year Competition

The Master Photographer of the Year Competition is awarded annually for the best panel of six prints, either in monochrome or colour, chosen from eight set subjects agreed by the Committee. The Trophy was first awarded in 2004 and was originally sponsored by Foto-Quick, a photographic processor based in Mill Street, Bideford who closed down when digital photography became popular. The winner, in addition to holding the trophy for one year, is presented with a smaller trophy to keep.
The earth is an art - the photographer is only a witness


Bideford Camera Club supports Audio-Visual (A/V) along with the familiar prints and projected images. A/V sits between individual projected images and full movies. It is a blend of images and sound which can be achieved without the complication of editing moving images. The attraction of A/V lies in its simplicity and cheapness. Once a digital image has been captured in a camera there is no further expense (except time) involved. The Club provides a computer programme which can be borrowed by members to enable the ‘film’ to be put together on a computer.
The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and the Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) both recognise A/V and provide support in all forms. A/V is practised world-wide and cooperation is freely encouraged.
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